Dr. Mabel Falguera Uceda

Dr. Mabel Falguera Uceda

My name is Mabel Falguera Uceda and since I was young I have had a great curiosity about biology and disease, being one of those girls who wanted to treat injured animals that I found (which were sometimes actually dead) and experimented with everything that was within her reach.

This interest led me to finish studying medicine, for which I chose the University of Navarra, a place where I received excellent training and where I had a good training in hospital practice.

I fell in love with surgery in my clinical rotations, especially one in particular; plastic surgery, but especially that which referred to the craniofacial territory. That is why, once I finished my degree, I decided to choose the MIR specialty of Maxillofacial Surgery, a specialty that covers all the pathology related to the head and neck area, and that includes reconstruction procedures, pediatric craniofacial surgery, facial traumatology, plastic surgery facial among other procedures.

The hospital were I had my residence was Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid, where the maxillofacial surgical team had a recognized experience in microsurgical reconstruction and large experience in pediatric congenital deformities.

During that time of training I was lucky to meet as a senior resident to whom now is my teammate, Dr. Susana Heredero. For us, the personal and professional connection was immediate from very early on, and after her departure to Córdoba and a few years after my practice in Madrid, I ended up deciding to join her at the Hospital Reina Sofía. With Instituto Facial we intend to go a step further, and offer highly specialized treatments to all patients who require any of the medical-surgical procedures that our experience and dedication allow us to offer with a degree of excellence.

Dr. Mabel Falguera is part of the Migrain Surgery Society

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