Migraine surgery

This therapeutic approach consists in the evaluation and treatment of possible nerve compressions that are at the origin of many chronic headaches. Our experience at Instituto Facial as head and neck microsurgeons allows us to perform selective nerve microdecompression with high precision, treating the origin of the pain.

In migraine or chronic headache patients, when traditional treatments do not offer adequate results, migraine surgery can be a good treatment option to improve their quality of life.

Headache is a frequent reason for consulting neurology specialist. There are many and varied, each with a specific treatment. The neurologist is the one who must confirm as a first step that we are dealing with a case of migraine or compressive nerve pain, assess whether the medical treatment received so far has been adequate, and request additional evaluations if necessary. Subsequently, the patient will be diagnosed, and the surgical team will decide which areas will be treated. A personalized medical-surgical treatment plan will be proposed, and it will be explained to the patient in the same consultation with the surgeons.

Migraine surgery and nerve microdecompression in Spain

After surgery, at follow-up, communication between specialists will continue to be essential for the assessment of the results and subsequent medical management of the patient.

Instituto Facial offers this service, together with the Institute of Neurosciences, at the Hospital Cruz Roja in Córdoba (Spain). We will be happy to assess the possibility of a surgical treatment of migraine, including consultation with the neurologist and another with the team of peripheral nerve surgeons, by contacting us via whatsapp or with our online consultation.

Migrain surgery – online consultation

Are you from outside of Spain and would like to be able to consult about whether migraine surgery could be an option for you without having to travel?

At Instituto Facial we offer the possibility to the patient to make a first assessment by our surgeons virtually through the Zoom platform.

In it, an medical interview will be carried out with the patient to find out the characteristics of his headache, assess if the surgical procedure could be useful in his case, and resolve any doubts that may exist about the process.

Likewise, an indicative estimate of how much the surgery would cost in selected cases could be provided after the meeting.

Both the definitive assessment and diagnosis by the medical team, as well as the indication of treatment will always be made during the in-person visit that would be scheduled if the patient is interested.

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