2 Mar, 2023

Dr. Mabel Falguera member of the Migraine Surgery Society

The Migraine Surgery Society is the international society that brings together the most renowned surgeons who treat migraine with surgery. Among them are Dr. Guyuron, father of this subspecialty; also Dr. Ziv Peled and Dr. Janis, who today are the surgeons with the largest number of cases and experience in this field.

Dr. Mabel Falguera, from Instituto Facial, has just been admitted as a member of this society, a membership that can only be accessed after personal recommendations from one of its members.

Being part of this society will allow us to belong to the group of specialists that is promoting the continuous improvement of clinical practice and results of migraine surgery in our patients.

Mabel Falguera @ Migraine Surgery Society

The Migraine Surgery Society (MSS) is the leading group of experts defining and shaping the field of migraine surgery. It is a forum for physicians, patients, and researchers interested in migraine surgery with the aim of fostering dialogue between groups, exchanging clinical experiences, and collaborating on research.

The mission of the Migraine Surgery Society, as stated on its website, is to “advance the understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of headaches through nerve decompression strategies to improve the quality of life of our patients.”

At Instituto Facial, we are convinced that being part of this society will help us improve the quality of care we offer our patients, and to be fully up-to-date with regard to updates, changes, and new scientific evidence that arises in the exciting field of migraine and neuralgia surgery.