17 Oct, 2022

Visiting Dr.Ziv Peled in San Francisco

Last October 2022, Dr. Falguera and Dr. Heredero had the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge with one of the most reputable surgeons in the field of surgical treatment of migraine and neuralgia headaches, Dr. Ziv Peled.

Dr Susana Heredero, Dr Ziv Peled, Dr Mabel Falguera

During their stay at his Clinic in San Francisco, California, they have visited his outpatients office. Also, they have attended surgical interventions in which Dr. Ziv Peled performs selective decompression treatments of craniofacial nerves, thus improving the quality of life of his patients.

After their intense week of clinical and surgical activity, our doctors have integrated everything they observed into their daily practice, thus remaining faithful to their commitment to offer the best treatment that exists with hight quality parameters comparable to any international medical reference centers for migraine surgery and neuralgia headaches.